Hello and Welcome to Becky Weaver Design

BWHeadshot2013Matching eye-catching design with a compelling message is my passion. Growing up, most of my family had careers in the arts, education or both. While I always enjoyed and excelled in art class, the decision to pursue art as a career came from working on the school newspaper. Designing pages for The Tribe News, I learned how a great layout and graphics could make or break a story. Using art not just for art’s sake, but to present information and explain concepts resonated with me in a way drawing or writing alone did not. Design is my way of combining my love of both art and education.

Prior to establishing Becky Weaver Design, I served as the Design Director of several large organizations such as The Aspen Institute, an international public policy think tank; Central PA Magazine, a regional lifestyle publication; and WITF, an NPR/PBS affiliate. Earlier in my career I also worked as a Copy Editor for a Gannett newspaper and a Marketing Specialist for an international scientific research firm. My breadth of experience in various subject areas and mediums allows me to understand diverse industry and audience types, and to evaluate the pros and cons of different communication channels and design styles. This is the foundation of my design process and leads to final projects that truly marry form and function. If you’d like to find out if Becky Weaver Design would be a good fit for your next project, please contact me here!